VA and FHA Streamline

The High Volume Leader in VA and FHA Streamline Refinances, Conventional Refinances, Home Equity Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Second Mortgages and Seconds.

Magellan Mortgage makes the consolidation of accumulated debt east. Lump all your credit cards, auto loans, and personal debt into one low monthly payment so you can start saving money now. Even refinance into a new low payment or get money for home improvements.

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· Conventional Refinances
· Home Equity Loans
· Debt Consolidation Loans
· Home Improvement Loans
· Second Mortgages


Interest rates are now at a two year low! If you currently have VA or FHA loan and have a decent payment history on your mortgage, you can refinance to a lower interest rate without qualifying.

In Summary:
· No Appraisal Required
· No Credit Qualifying.
· No Income or Employment Verification
· Skip up to two months payments when you streamline refinance (*prepaid finance)
· Up to $2,500 Cash Back (*from current escrow/impound account at the close of refinance)
· Reduce your mortgage payments up to $350 per month.
· No Out of Pocket Costs.

Call one of our seasoned agents to be pre-qualified over the phone in minutes or visit our online application and a loan officer will contact you within 24 hours.

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